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26 November 2015
This article covers lock waiting conditions in Java (java.util.concurrent.locks.Condition)
18 October 2015
This article covers Read/Write locks in Java (ReentrantReadWriteLock implementation)
30 August 2015
This article covers the optimistic and pessimistic locking mechanisms available in the Java Persistence API (using LockModeType)
29 July 2015
This article covers database optimistic locking in general and also demonstrates how to implement optimistic locking in Java Persistence API (JPA) entities by using the @Version annotation
31 May 2015
This article will cover EJB concurrent access configuration (both container and bean managed) resorting to Lock, LockType and ConcurrencyManagement primitives.
18 December 2013
In this tutorial we will see how to synchronize access to shared resources using a Lock implementation in Java.
28 November 2013
In this tutorial we will see how to use the volatile keyword in Java.
17 November 2013
In this tutorial we will implement an explicit lock in Java using the synchronized statement together with the wait/notify idiom.
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